Game Contollers Plugged in but control panel says otherwise, pls help

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My comp has a seperate game controller port (not with the sound card) and when i plug game controllers in the computer does not seem to recongise that i has plugged it in, in the control pannel it still says not connected and no box pops up to say new hardware found.
I have opened it up and checked to make sure the game port socket has defo been fitted to the game port on the motherboard and it has.
has anyone got any ideas why this is happening could it be anything other than a faulty cable from the motherboard to the back of my pc.
Also could it be a conflict between my gfx card? it a geforce 5700 lx 256mb.
thanks soo much for your help

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I have that card on one of my PC's and I recall using a game controller through that port, it didnt recognize it at first either if I rememeber, but it was a plug and play controller and after a reboot it just worked, but it could be that the game port isnt supported on your motherboard, or jsut try updating your video card drivers
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