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I have had an ATI Radeon 7000 graphics accelerator card for quite some time, but it has always had a problem. Everytime I install it into my PC, when I switch it on, the screen goes fuzzy, and there appear to be three columns displaying the same fuzzy patterns.

It isn't so much of a pattern, you can just work out the Windows XP logo as it loads up, but it is still fuzzy.

Can anyone offer any hints on why it is doing it and if the problem can be rectified?

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Hmm fuzzy?

I am guessing you are seing artifacts. Maybe.

Artifacts are dots lines ect of color that corupt the screen. Usually these are caused by a damaged or overheating video card.

My suggestion is to spent 50 bucks on a new video card. That one is pretty outdated.

Decent card for only $50 bucks or so.
That I'm practically sure is the resolution on the computer is too high for the monitor. Find a newer monitor that can cope with it; or turn it down trying to use the resolution on that monitor are normally you can almost see it.

When did it start?


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Graphics card problems


The pixels can't be turned down as the problem starts as soon as the computer starts up, so I don't think I have any control over it.

As mentioned, I think is would be best buying a new card instead of fixing this one. It think this card is more trouble than its worth.

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Maybe; but not if your computer has a certain pixel setting higher than the Monitor can handle - cause that is a monitor problem.

It may be the card; I don't know; but the cheaper testing option would be to see if it is the monitor before you buy a new card.


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I have tested it with a friend's computer on a different monitor and it created the same problem, so it must be the graphics card.