Fujitsu shows off small drives

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FUJITSU HAD A SWARM of tiny drives in tiny cases at Computex. Since they mostly stopped making 3.5 inch drives, only leaving a few FC and enterprise products to hold the fort, they have been hitting the 2.5 inch segment hard. They had some really neat solutions both on the SATA and SAS sides. On the SATA side, they were showcasing their 120GB 5400 RPM drives, and on the SAS side, they had 74GB 10K drives.

The interesting bit is how many of these tiny things you can cram into a small space, and the performance you can extract from a lot of spindles. The first one up is a 6 bay drive cage that will cram 6 2.5 inch drives in a single 5.25 inch bay. All are SATA, so you have a mess, but a manageable mess of cables off the back. Rancho Systems, the company that makes the bays also has a 5 port version with a port multiplier in it. Once cable in for 5 drives, not bad.


Next up they had a 5 bay external SATA case, it was a cylinder with 5 drawers, each of which held a drive. It is a good setup for RAID5, you can have 4 drives plus a hot spare.


The last cool one was from Supermicro, it is an 8 drive SAS cage that fits in 2 U. This is going to be immensely powerful for the database and server markets where bandwidth and throughput matter more than other factors. The naked drives and backplane are next to the finished version.


I'm looking forward to these, myself.
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