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Hi guys... i wanna learn some information about FTP servers.

-can i access them from anywhere?
-Are there free FTP servers?
-any directions for a begginer?

ps: if you wanna recommend me a free FTP hosting please give me also and some directions about customization.
ps2: sorry for my english.
To clarify, FileZilla is a free FTP Client, not a free server. You use it to connect to a server to transfer files.

FTP = File Transfer Protocol, which means the client you use (FileZilla, CuteFTP, or dozens of others) is just your method of connecting to your server and either uploading, downloading, or moving files.

The only way to get a free server is to get free webspace from somewhere that allows you to connect via FTP. I don't know any services like this off the top of my head, but there might be some out there. Most people who use FTP are connecting to a server they either own or rent, which can be located anywhere in the world.
Um you might want to actually click the link... FileZilla has BOTH a free client and a free server.... Its right there on the page.

I wouldn't post it if it weren't true.... and I use it too
Indeed. You can host your own FTP server using the FileZilla server application.

You'll need to open up the right ports on your router to allow access to the server, and as patonb said you'll also need to use something like dyndns.com to get around the dynamic ip problem.
I was just clarifying that FileZilla is a piece of software, not the actual hardware server.
There are a few different types of FTP servers. On a Linux box I like to use Ubuntu and VSFTPD easy to install and very reliable. One the Windows side you can use IIS FTP or you can use WarFTP that is a very good product be using that since college and setup WarFTP for many customers. WarFTP also has a desktop client for downloading. There are also web hosting providers that you can just rent FTP space they set everything up for you.
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