FS: ULTRA Cube LAN Case 400Watt PSU


Fully Optimized

I have an ULTRA microATX Cube I want to get rid of and was seeing if anybody is interested in it im looking to get 60 + shipping. There are no major scratches or anything on the case, there are however a few extremely minor scuffs on the windows from traveling but you cant even see them in the pictures. I will keep the 120MM rear fan and 80MM fan installed, both fans have blue LED's to match the front temp. readout. Also installed is a 400W Ultra Single Rail PSU, it has powered my 6400 and 8800 for a month now with no problems. I will NOT part this out, the PSU has short wires specifically made for this case, therefore in any standard ATX case this PSU would not work.

You are getting ONLY the case, two fans and PSU. I will remove the drives and replace one with the blank insert so you have one available drive bay and you can remove the blank for two.

PSU Info:
+5: 30A
+3.3: 18A
+12: 20A
-12: .6A
+5VSB: 2A
Molex Connectors: 6
Floppy Connectors: 1
20/24 Pin Mobo Header and 4-PIN CPU Power
6-Pin PCI-E: 1
SATA Connectors: 2
3-Pin 12V Fan Connectors: 2

Again: 60 + Shipping OBO for all of it.