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Touch Support, LLC.

Founded in 2003
Located in Lafayette, IN, across the river from Purdue University
100% U. S. based personnel
Specializing in technical support, server monitoring, and administration for Linux based systems
cPanel and Plesk
Currently offering support excellence to over 100,000 end users!!!

Announces a limited time offer:

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System Administration and Monitoring Services

::DEDICATED TECH:: (Regularly $99.95 per machine/Mo.)
Our flagship server administration package provides you with a technician whose sole responsibility is to maintain a small number of client servers. With Touch Support : EDICATED TECH::, your company will know what it's like having a team of IT staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will:

1. Follow a predetermined detailed procedure to handle an equipment incident
2. Troubleshoot/Repair Service Issues:
Fix Apache issues which cause an outage
Fix MySQL, BIND issues which cause an outage
Fix Exim, Cpanel issues which cause an outage
Attempt to thwart a DOS attack
3. Perform an initial security audit and update your configuration to correlate with best industry practices
4. Perform emergency system administration
5. Continuously update Kernels, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and FrontPage extensions
6. Re-secure a server after intrusion
7. Restore a server from backup

How it works: Our monitoring service is a custom program that allows us notification of any service failure. The check time is every 2 minutes, it checks daemons for connectivity and will check the connection for an appropriate response when possible (the httpd check we do should always return a 404 error.) When an event occurs an audio and visual alert is set off at stations in our call center. Techs respond to the alert within 12 minutes and will follow our mutually predefined procedure.

Under normal circumstances your server is back online within 12 minutes!
Visit us at http://www.guaranteeduptime.com a service of Touch Support, LLC.
Order now at https://www.touchsupport.com/moderbill/order/
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