FS: Pentium 4 Computer


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Hello, My name is Matthew Noto, Im currently Into building computers and selling them ( How I Have My Fun). And this computer (below) Has been a wonderfull computer, served me well for 6 months. Now I need to move on and build My next comp. The only problem is, I need to sell this to help me with the funds for my next computer. I live in NY, USA - All Payments are to be in USD. Buyer is to pay shipping (Will ship anywhere I can). The computer can be picked up at my house if wanted. Im in Queens, New York (Bayside, 5 minutes from the bridge)


Pentium 4 2.8ghz 800mhz FSB northwood
512 mb DDR 333
80 GB 7200 RPM HDD
Asylum geforce 5700 ultra fx
Intel Mobo
Antec Case /w 300w PSU

Computer is very fast, play cs and css on it perfectly and the video card is real nice.

Case has 4 case fans: All blue if you like (Free) or Non Led fans (Free)
Computer is very cool, CPU has never been over 36c. Case has great airflow.

The Computer is 6 months old except for the fans, wich are less then a month old, both the non leds and leds.

I also Have a few extra parts laying around (Stored neatly and secure) If you need any parts and are wondering if I may have them, post it or email me (HyDr0zDaNam3@hotmail.com) or contact me on AIM: HyDr0z Da Nam3 - I would like atleast 550$ for this comp..


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I am interested in your rig. The best I can offer right now is 500 dollars. How does that sound? let me know.