FS: Parts from 3 top of the line comps.


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Hello, I recently upgraded my PC so I have some spare parts the for sale as follows:

1) CPU: 2.8ghz northwood 800mhz FSB - Never went over 34c - 4 months old. socket 478 looking for 175+ USD

2) CPU: 2.4ghz p4 celeron with its motherboard - It came out of a compaq computer my friend had and sold it to me for 135 this was 3 months ago. The Mobo does not have a AGP slot.
Looking for 75-100 USD

3) 520 watt PSU from Aspire with 35amps on the 12 volt line, Its in my comp now, I need a New one for watercooling as 520 wont cut watercooling + cpu - Looking for 50-65USD

4) ATI X800 PRO AGP 8x - BOUGHT 5 DAYS AGO, I need a new mobo for my 1st overclocking experiment, and the new mobo has no agp slots

Looking for atleast 300+ USD as I paid 350$ for it 5 days ago.

5) Intel Mobo with agp 4x/8x slot and socket 478 compatable No PCI-E slots - Looking for 75+ USD will give for 50$ if bought with the 2.8 or 2.4 .

6) Sound Blaster Audigy ZS pci - 45+USD

7) 1 gb of PNY ram (2x 512mb Sticks) DDR 400 PC3200 - would like 125+USD

8) ABIT AV8-3rd Eye Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard 1x AGP Slot 5 pci slots onboard sound, usb, ethernet, 4 usb ports - Would Like 100+ USD

9) CPU: 3200+ socket 939 Winchester - Will pair it with the abit motherboard and a 120mm zalman heatsink for 300$ other wise I would like 175+USD for proc.

10) 512mb Stick of DDR333 Ram - would like 45USD+

11) Thermaltake XASER 3 Silver/Red ATX case with fan controller and temp probe * CASE IS HUGE * A lot of room inside. 125USD+

12) Zalman 120mm socket 939/754 heatsink, brand new 2 weeks old at most 50+USD

Please Note Will ship anyway I am able to From USA Buyer Is Required to pay shipping cost depends on weight/location/Class.

Prices are negotiable and $$ off for more then 3 things bought by one person at same time :) .. thanks for taking your time to read this.
My email Is HyDr0112@gmail.com for anyone who would like to email me Aim: HyDr0z Da Nam3 ... Thanks for your time.