FS : P4 2.8 800FSB 1GB PC3200 RAM ASUS V9950 Nvidia 5900 Ultra 256mb


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I built this computer about 5 months ago. I have not even scratched the surface of its potential. It has only been used for writing papers for school and surfing the Internet.


Kingwin KT424 black case with Window and Blue cold cathode light
500 watt Ultra X-connect modular PSU - black chrome
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 800mhzFSB
1GB (2x512mb) Kingston HyperX PC3200 RAM
Nvidia Geforce 5900 Ultra 256mb Video Card - AGP
Abit IC7-G MAXII Motherboard
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM
Plextor CD-R 24/10/40
Logitech Elite Keyboard - Black
Wireless Microsoft Intelli Mouse Explorer 2.0 - black
19'' NEC Multisync Monitor - Black (monitor is 3 years old and has a few scratches, but still works perfectly)
Western Digital 80GB 7200rpm Hard Drive (hooked up through SATA)
3.5 floppy disk drive



questions Email s.alphonso@cox.net


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Is this not a fair price? Just curious because i thought i would atleast get some interest in this computer. I am selling because I want to buy a Mac laptop and have no use for a PC anymore b/c with school i am so busy and a laptop would be much more efficient for me.

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I may decide to piece it out but i would much rather sell it as a whole system.