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This was giving to me by a good friend of mine. (She was a teacher) She had 10 ibooks and only in need of 7. Gave me one, her son (my best friend) and her husband. The laptop still has the school passwords and programs. But I have the ibook recovery CD's to delete all that and start from scratch. I also have the Mac OS X install CD for the ibook.

ibook g3
128 Ram
Wireless port card
32 mb video
CD ROM drive (I think its DVD, there was a program that originally came with the OS that played DVD's, never had a chance to try it)
500 mhz
56k Modem card
10 GB HD
2 hour battery span
12 inch LCD screen
OS 9.1
Snow color

The battery is dead. I dont have the charger (Sold it). So its dead. Untill you buy the charger and give it some power of course.

Comes with 9 CD's. The ibook software retore CD's, Apple hardware test CD, MAC OS X install upgrade, ibook applications, and Mac OS X world book CD. CD's are MINT condition and never been used. (What the heack, I'll even throw in 2 blank CD's for fun)

Also comes with a connector that lets you hook up the ibook to a monitor. also the backspace key is missing but it still works perfectly fine. Ask for pictures if your intrested in buying.

Asking price 200+ My catylic broke in my car and I need it replaced or else it doesnt pass the smog check :(

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