FS: Dell i9100


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I have here a Dell i9100, i bought it in august for school but i need something more travel friendly to go back an forth with to the library. I gamed on it a couple times, but it was mainly used for surfin the net.....it is virtually brand new, no scratches or anything. it pretty much just sat on the desk the entire time since its a brick. This makes a great gaming PC. Very powerful and still portable. Please help me get rid of it.

It has:
3.2ghz prescott p4 w/800mhz FSB and hyperthreading
ATI mobility radeon 9700 64mb video card (upgradable)
Dell 1350 mini pci wireless card
Samsung 15.4" WSXGA+ screen
60gb 7200rpm HDD 8mb cache
4X DVD R/W drive
512mb ddr400 memory
12 cell battery w/sub built in
It will come with windows XP professional SP2 and i can include office 2003 enterprise edition if youd like.
Will include all orignal discs and can include an external USB mouse if you want. can also include a case and Call of Duty.
Computer will be wiped and reimaged using the dell restore CDs

Thats basically the jist of it!! Please email me at dkien2@uiuc.edu if you are interested and want more information or if you simply have questions. I can also get some pics of you want. I'm asking $1200 for this which i think is a very decent price for this gaming machine. I am flexible with prices and open for negotiation so this is by no means what i am set out to get. I'll work with you on price.

Thanks for looking