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I am using Windows XP Pro. Recently, my screen freezes and cannot move anything, mouse, keys, etc. I must shut down without going through the regular steps and then reboot. This happens frequently. I would appreciate any help, this is driving me crazy! Many thanks!
Hopefully, this is what you mean.

IBM Intel Pentium 3
American Megatrends Inc. IBM Bios 460024i 1.04
256 RAM
Windows XP Pro
IE 6 SP 1
Make: IBM
Model: 2276

Yes, I did install the SP-1 and that was a while ago. I think I'm getting lost with your questions, forgive me.
It is a 2276, I don't know about Netvista. Yes is ran perfectly after the XP was installed. It freezes anywhere, anytime without warning. Just remembered, I did install Ad-aware 6.0 a few mos ago, if that matters. Thanks.
I originally had Windows ME then I bought XP Pro. It is a Net Vista. The Computer store installed XP Pro for me about a year ago. In any case, I sincerely appreciate your help and your time. Thanks again.
I've *just* spent 3 days working on a friends NetVista 2276 with *exactly* the same problem... I tried the latest drivers for the CD drives, video... even force-flashed the BIOS upgrade from the IBM support page (2270bios.. batch file didn't get past the s/n check).

I finally traced the problem to the onboard video. If you can get XP running enough to set the video card properties - settings - advanced - troubleshooting... scale it ALL the way back to NO hardware accelleration and NO combined writes... reboot and XP should run... When you get brave enuff... try bringing back the video accelleration to one less than where it starts to fail.

good luck!
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