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I've been having this ongoing issue with Frontpage, when I make a photogallery (slide show) it seems fine when I preview it in Frontpage. All the pictures, slideshow, text, and links work fine. Then when I upload it to my host, it looks like this -

For some reason instead of the slideshow photogallery it displays that [photogallery/photo00002925/photogallery/photo00002925/real.htm] and it made the text at the top show up twice...

I don't think it's the host because if you go to pictures the slideshow works fine. Any ideas?
yeah, i should of posted that i got it to work

i deleted the photogallery folder and image folder of all the pics, then i redid the whole page over again. same problem...

so then i tried adding a few pictures at a time, it worked fine up until i added the last 20 pictures or so. same problem...

i figured it handled the majority of the pictures fine so i deleted a few of the pictures and just added less. works, but still have no idea what the problem was.

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