Front Audio Connectors

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Ok, just bought a PC kit, with an ATX Black Phantom Case. Has a Shuttle AB60R Motherboard. The labels on the front audio controllers are as follows: GND, GND, MIC IN, MIC Bias, L In,
L OUT, R IN, R OUT. In the manual for my motherboard, the following pin assignments are listed: 1 - Front MIC, 2 - AGND
3 - MIC_VCC, 4 - VCC, 5 - FPOUTRAMP, 6 - FOUTR, 7 - HP_ON,
8 - Key, 9 - FRONTLAMP, 10 - FOUTL. I think that the FPOUTRAMP is the R In, and the FPOUTLAMP is the L In, and FOUTR is R OUT, and FOUTL is L OUT, but I could be wrong. Please Help!!!!!
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