Friends comp vs mine


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My friend just built a new comp for himself... specs are E6600 Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz 1 Gb DDr2 ram (PC5300) 7600Gt (single, soon to be SLI) Elite Group Mobo, 7200rpm 160 gb HDD... Since he just built it the only thing he really had on it was WoW... the computer is completely brand new... My computer has alot of crap on it.. tons of games and some spyware... sepcs are in sig but they are 4200+x2 @ 2.24 GHz 3Gb of DDR2 Ram (Pc4200) 7600Gt, MSI mobo, and 7200rpm 80 gb HDD. My friend payed 309 for his processor.. i payed like 190ish for mine... I dont really see any performance differences between the two.. he has a more superior processor I know i have an extra 2 Gb of ram on him but i didn't really see much difference (in WoW) from when i had 1Gb. He payed around 1400+ for his system and i payed probably around 800ish. Im going to reformat my computer in a few days and just keep WoW on there... Do you guys think i could be faster than him if i over clock a bit? and if so how much do you think i could over clock... ill be on stock cooling with an antec 900 case whitch gets better air flow than the case i currently have..So what do you guys think?

I also have another problem... I am running lower FPS on my custom system than i am on my alienware in WoW... Alienware has a 580 PSU 2gb ram x800 and a p4HT @ 3.4ghz Why is this? Could it be because of my 400W on my custom?

Thanks sorry for the long message


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you can't catch his processer, especially if he gets smart and overclocks his, which can overclock WAY higher than yours can


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Yes that 400W PSU could easily be holding you back. I suggest an upgrade, or you could just switch em.