Friends comp problem...


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My friend posted this on another form thought i might try and see if you guys got any ideas:

K so here is what is going on. First my moms comp had problems. I switched out my hard drive for hers which solved nothing for her comp's problem because it still would not boot up on my computer. When i put my hard drive back in everything worked fine. Except when i went to play a game last night. The intros were fine but i could not really read the menus and the in game was even worse. This happened for multiple games. I tried to install new drivers for my vid card but that just made things worse bringing my resolutions down to 640x480 and 4 bit colours. My vid card is a Radeon 9600 128MB. I downloaded the 6.7 driver for it didnt work. I downloaded the 6.6, 5.5, and 5.4 for it and they didnt work. a friend told me to use Cat-Uninstaller and that didnt work. The Windows intro was still grainy and games did not work. I would only have a regular desktop of 1024x768 and 32 bit colour when all the ATI products had been removed. I have removed all my files and reformated the hard drive which corrected the grainyness of the Windows intro until i installed new drivers. I was again back at square one but with everything off the computer. I have installed the drivers off the cd that came with the card but the Windows intro is still grainy but my resolutions and colour are fine. I have installed Sid Meiers Pirates but it freezes just before the menu.

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Sounds to me like the video card bit the dust.
If you installed all the drivers that came with it on the cd fresh right after you reformatted then it would seem to me that the video card went.


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installing drivers made in grainy? perhaps you installed the wrong ones. sorry i have no knowledge of ati drivers as i've only used nvidia thus far.