Fresh Win 10 Installation Questions

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For Enterprise editions, read section 24
24: To Set Up Windows 10 with a Local Account
You'll get that "Limited Experience" option from there
For more details about a local account, see: Local account | Microsoft Docs:

A) Perform one of the following actions depending on which Windows 10 edition you are installing: (see screenshots below)

  • If Windows 10 Home (version 1909 and lower), type the bogus phone number 1234567890 into the phone/email address field, click/tap on Next, click/tap on the Offline account link at the bottom left of the Confirm your phone number screen.
  • If Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home (version 2004 and higher), click/tap on the Offline account link at the bottom left.
  • If Windows 10 Enterprise, click/tap on the Domain join instead link at the bottom left, and go to step 24C below.
If this does not work to allow you to set up a local account, then disconnect from the Internet and restart the clean install while disconnected from the Internet.