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Hello I am Tony Portman

I am new to these forums in search of financial backing, I am currently setting up a small business called Portman Design, basically it is a Logo and Web Design company now I am offering free advertisement on all the sites that I make in exchange of a small fee, I will probably have 5 slots on every site I make also not only that but all the logos I make I will have one slot available.


88X31 on a website (Currently 4 Slots available) = $15

468X80 on a website (Currently 1 slot availabe) = $25

88X31 when a logo is designed for a site (Unknown) = $10

The transactions will be done through PayPal and if you would like to buy all the slots then please notify me with an offer.

Please email me at also prices are negotiable and of course their may be price increases if a lot of sites are designed.


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Hey Tony,

I'm interested in maybe seeing a link to one of your sites. I'm a little curious, besides show off your work!!.

Good luck.