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hey guys and girls at the tech forums, been a bit.

I'll try and be stright to the point, I am trying to record games on my pc.

it seems to be doing great with fraps but the problem comes about with the file sizes, i have fraps set at recording at 30fps, record win7 sound stero, do not show mouse curser and at half size.

but then after 60 seconds of recording i stop, look at the file size and it shows up at 506 MB.

i am kind of hopeing to make a few videos that are 5-10 ming and at that size output it is going to be between 2.5gb and 5gb.

can anyone point me the way i need to go with it to get it lower with good visuals (sound is hit and miss i can do with or without it)

thanks in advance, time for some dinner.
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