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Yeah, around that. Although the human eye doesn't really notice the differnce.... a good framerate is arbout 70-80fps. I get 90fps in cs:s. But yeah... 50-60 is no lag...


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moondoggie said:
I was just reading an article about SLI versus a few other single cards ( and I was just wondering about switching over to an Nvidia card ( With a gig of ram and an AMD Venice 3500+, what kind of frame rates do you think I could get running HL2 or other graphically advanced games on medium to full settings?
That card will be enought good to play games like HL2 with best setting with quite good frame rate. I really can't say how good the fps will be l because I don't have that card, but I was able to play hl2 with the best settings with my FX5700 with no lag so u will get a good frame rate with the 6800.