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Next Tuesday and Wednesday the forum will be offline as we move to a new platform and integrate members and content from into Techist.

We began this process a few years back but stopped when the landscape of forum software changed. Our current platform is an ancient version of vBulletin. We stopped at 3.8 as later versions of vB made a move like this much harder. We are moving to XenForo - the latest stable 2.1

Next Tuesday we will close the board for 2 days and merge in (another Social Knowledge site), migrate to Xenforo, and begin to update the current forum structure. Techist has some aging sections and we need step into 2020 by adding new content areas for cloud computing, expand mobile and perhaps add some space for connected homes/cars, etc.

The new board will have a new skin (look), be mobile friendly and faaaaaaaster. After the site reopens work will continue to restructure and update.

Account issues: Xenforo allows login with either username/password or e-mail/password. Please update your account NOW if needed.

Merged accounts: We are bring over all the members from and many folks here have logins currently at that site. Where we are able, these accounts will be auto merged. We can do this where the e-mail addresses are the same on accounts at both sites. The default login credentials for these accounts will be those used at Techist.

Where we are unsure about duplicate accounts they will not be merged. These are accounts that may have the same username but have unique e-mail addresses. We can update these accounts manually upon request. If you have an account at both sites AND they use unique e-mail addresses, please update one now so they are the same.

Where 2 accounts have the same e-mail address but unique usernames: the account will be merged into Techist but the username remains the Techist username. We can update these usernames upon request.

Thanks for your patience as we move forward. Change can be unsettling or it can be exciting. We have grown accustomed to the old normal but it's time to evolve. As a larger, stronger community we can accomplish more and grow.
Techist has some aging sections and we need step into 2020 by adding new content areas for cloud computing, expand mobile and perhaps add some space for connected homes/cars, etc.
+1 to this, at least with a smart home section.
It's a good idea to update/upgrade the forum software, because it's really antique.
But to exchange one antique for another antique platform - this is place where would still be worth considering. I don't think that You know that xenForo is also very out-of-date platform and not just very convenient to use and later switch to some modern platform..
I have been dealing with such things almost 24/7 for the last 15 years.
Brilliant news, cloud computing and platforms like AWS Azure and GC sections will really be good as that will bring in new tech bods and get more broader and interesting discussions too

I think the topics need to be more detailed in areas to help get better search results for people googling for help, questions or just looking for a new tech forums to join that can help them in the new IT world.

Topics that may be worth considering off the top of my head or having a think about how to fit in atleast:
Google cloud
Mobile apps
Cyber Security
Cloud Security
IT certifications/courses ( something alone them line, people to talk about new IT exams or ones they passed or failed to help others)
Networking ( already have but think about updating to mention SDN (software defined networking), Cisco etc)
Programming (already have but update to mention Python, Ruby etc)
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Highly doubt we'll get people that need to ask questions like that, or if we do it'll be people who know literally nothing and want us to give them all the answers.
For those subjects we need knowledgeable people... just sayin'.

Yes which is the point of this site.. tech. IT.. I guess im the only person here that works in these areas and has experience, so maybe need the site to entice new people like me with better knowledge and experience.....

Or stick to some boring basic subject none stop, my mouse stopped working LOL :cool:
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