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I was wondering if you could explain or show me how you made the orange and green lines appear above and below the forum heading boxes...

And what template do you edit to acheive the effect?


EDIT:::Would it be possible to have permission to use this
as a standard avatar BG for my forums? I love its color, and it has great content for such a small image...good job:)
Hi +||ProtoCon||+ welcome to Tech forums;)

Sorry but i dont know how the categorys where done because I got some else to do them.

And yes you may use that avatar because its a freeware image.

Can I have the name of the guy who did that for you? I am currently looking on how to do that, as my boos won't open up our vB's until I do an effect like that, I have everything done, but don't know what file to edit, and we are using these annoying phpBB's until then. Thanks in advance
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