Formatting Hard Drive


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I just got a 160GB hard drive from my friend for free, it has a load of stuff on it that I really don't need or want, I just want to clear it. When I go into My Computer, I click on it and click reformat, it tells me I need to close all the programs running from it, how would I do this? I'm not sure what programs it would be running from the hard drive as I didn't click any of them on it or start anything up, I'm assuming some auto started.


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its probs cause your running the os off that hard drive. you need to boot from an os on another hard drive or format it in dos or using the xp cd or a recover cd


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There are many ways to do this.

Assuming your not running your OS off this drive you should be able to format it in windows.

I would right click on my computer and go to manage, then go to disk management, and check the status of the drive there, you may need to create a new partition on the drive and then format it.

If it says something is using the drive and it cannot be formated i would then boot into safe mode and try again.

If that isnt working for you do this.

How to do a proper Format and Reinstall of windows XP (by Lamb of God)

1. Power on your PC and Insert the XP CD
2. Set your boot order in BIOS to CD-ROM first (Usually Del or F1 or F2 to get into BIOS)
3. When you see the press any key screen *press a key *

4. Files will start to load from the CD to begin the installation. Eventually you'll be asked if you want to install Windows XP. No need to type an essay here on why you've made the decision to do the installation. Just hit Enter.

5. Next is the End User License Agreement Press F8 to accept

6. The next screen displays the available partitions where XP can be installed. Select the one you want and tap that Enter key again to move on to the screen where you select a file system.

7. It's time for that important decision. FAT32 versus NTFS. The preferred choice is NTFS. It allows Security features and stability that aren't possible with FAT32. You will most likely want to stick with NTFS.

8. Setup continues and eventually the computer will reboot. Watch the onscreen prompts but do not press a key when the “Press any key to boot CD” message appears.

9. Installation will continue, prompting you from time to time to supply some additional setup information. Feed the prompts with appropriate responses and eventually another reboot will occur, this time bringing you back into Windows XP, depositing you at the Windows Activation screen.

10. You can either activate your copy of XP now or delay the activation for up to 30 days, after 30 days you get denied access to the desktop.

11. The last step is to enter a username and watch the XP desktop appear, ready for use. And Bam your good to go.

Good Luck, LambofGod


try this.

1. go to
2. Download a win98 Boot disk
3. Boot to the floppy
4. when you get to the command prompt type format C:\
(assuming C:\ is the letter of the drive you wish to format)

and you have a formatted drive.

Hope this helps :D


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yeah ,thats right , btw widh my friend would give me a 160gb hdd for free


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Yeah, I built my friend a computer because his was shit. I checked inside it and it was a SATA 160gb hard drive, so I told him I'd install fans and any upgrades he gets for free if he gives me it and he gave me the computer.