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I've just run fdisk on a toshiba 2180cdt laptop which has a 10 gig hard drive--not sure of the make of drive. Partitioned fine--c drive is set to active but at the next prompt when I try and format c: I get the message format not supported on drive c? What gives? I thought that the format util wasn't on my startup disk(win98se) but I extracted that and it extracted fine but still no go? Scratching my head. Reboot with Cd support this time?....
Thanks MicroBell. That seemed to work fine but I did get lots of files(all vxd's and ini's and infs) which didn't get found when I loaded win98 from the disk I skipped through these but am manually loading them as needed by copying win98 from the cd--kept getting failed copy from 'c:windows\system\precopy' .

The partition did have win98se on it before and the partition.

Real glad I found this forum--I'm finally glad to be a geek!
LOL! . welcome. oh new geek!

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holy .. man. i dont go as far as reading dictionaries to the toilet~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

but its all good. i wont tell ANYONE.. . .

im good thanks muradtalukdar , quite a hard name to type when youre on a coke high, but im not on a coke high, so it was easy. .



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Hah! Haven't been on one of those for a looong time but I'm still good matey. I used to have trouble saying my name back in those dark grinning days!!
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