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RedHat 9 is BEAUTIFUL!

I got it last night, just got a chance to install it and it is very sweet.

If you have the means to get it, don't wait!
i'm working i'm working..hahah, nero's being a POS, soooooo, i'll get it done tomorrow. :)
ohhhh ahhhh, yummy, RedHat 9 rules..

you notice on the web browswers they've got anti-alaising turned on? and all the icons are just crispy, and animated cursors and and and I bet it sucks to be a windows user right now..hahahah
ok FINE, I'll go download it right now.. geez.. i was putting it off because I didn't want BT stealing all my upstream bandwidth, but I found an ftp mirror anyways so I'll download it now.

IIRC, all that's on Disc3 are Web/Database tools, KDE, and some development tools - is this true? I don't wanna download it if I don't have to, at least until I know it's worthwhile.

UPDATE: Well, it's downloaded and burned.. I'm just about to install it (I'm supposed to be studying for a physics exam too :D) I'll let everyone know what I think once it's installed.
Wow. I'm sorry to have doubted you guys.. I figured I'd be nuking Redhat 9 and moving back to Slackware in short order, but I must say - I'm very impressed! Installation went flawlessly (well... not completely. But that's another story), and so far it's been running perfectly. Another big surprise - it even works with my digital camera! They've really made some progress here, and for once I'm actually considering using Linux as my *primary* OS!
I haven't even booted to Windows in over a week... that's a long time for me... lol.

Mmmmmm.... RH9...... *drool*
hhahha, hell ya! I'm lovin rh 9!!! Altough...i had to reinstall windows for work, (that sucks!!) oh well...but Booting into windows is funny, i don't think i've used xp in over a month...muhahaha :p
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