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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be so kind enough and help me with my problem. I'm experiancing some problems while playing 1080p mkv movies on my laptop.

Whenever I play a 1080p movie the framerate takes a hit. It's pretty annoying watching a movie like this. I don't understand why the framerate would get lower . Now you would expect the framerate to be 23,91 constantly or 24, but mine gets lower and it's really ****in me off.

My cpu usage is only at 30% to 36% when watching a full blu ray like avatar, so I really don't get it. I play movies through MPC-HC and bs player, there is no difference. I have also tried core avc and cccp and nothing seem to help.

I don't think my laptop is that weak that it can't play a 1080p movie properly.

My laptop:


-Intel Core i5-430 2.26GHz

-4GB ram (2x2GB), DDR3, 1066MHz

-hard drive 640GB, 5400rpm, SATA

-NVIDIA GeForce GT320M 1GB

-Windows 7 64-bit

Any help is much appriciated.

Excuse me for the noobnes, but I haven't had a computer in a really long time.

The thing is, when I bought this laptop all I did was turn it on, becuase the windows were preinstalled on it, so I just turned it on and they installed themselves. I bought it from a store with a warranty and everything, so it's legit.

Now, I didn't put any drivers on except for the graphics card, becuse I could see in the control panel that there are a few drivers on already, so it seem they took care of that as well.

Would you guys mind telling me which drivers are a must to install? I reinstalled the drivers for the graphics card, what else?

Which one do I have to put on for the chipset?

Select software and drivers HP Pavilion dv7-3190em Entertainment Notebook PC - HP technical support (Austria - English)

Again, sorry for the noobness.
Go to the manufacturer of your card, Nvidia, and get the latest drivers. The make of your laptop do not supply the latest drivers.
That's weird?

I tried installing the NVIDIA DRIVERS 197.16 WHQL, but as soon as i clicked install, I got a message saying, that this driver is not compatible with my hardware equipment and all I could do is quit the process?

How is that possible?

I scanned with nvidia smart tool on their site and it shows that these are my current drivers:

NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M 188.17

If these are out dated, why can't I installe the new ones by nvidia?


Apparently my graphics card nvidia gt 320M did not make it into this driver build?

Here's what the guy on the offical site forums wrote:

The Geforce GT 320M unfortunately did not make it to this driver build but should make it to the next Verde notebook driver release.

Well, I'm pretty dissapointed.
All my games run like crap, eventhough my specs surpass em and them some. And I'm having problems playing 1080p movies.

Does anyone know when I can expect "the next Verde notebook driver release" ??

How long does it take for these things to come out?

I feel like I have a usless laptop right now.
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