FOR SALE: Water cooling components

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ok i have all this liquid cooling stuff for sale.. its all nearly brand new shipping should be about 5-10 dollars depending on your zip code

and on another forum im pretty active on they told me the picture looked photo shopped so if you are interested on anything let me know of what and ill take another picture...

the pump used to have a blue "data" cable but i had no use for it so i cut it off

prices are as such
the fans $7.00 each
the 2x120mm radiator 70.00
the pump 50.00
the 5.25 bay reservoir 25.00
the round fill port reservoir 5.00
the reservoir next to the round one...10.00
the 2x40mm radiator 10.00

i have short pieces of hose and a few clamps to so ill send those with the first items i sell first come first served type thing

EDIT: sorry i just read the rules for posting in this sub forum and i will take another picture tomorrow with the date next to my user name... sorry please dont lock this thread.


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The date is not that important, but it would be a really good idea to have it. Thanks for reviewing the rules, though, as not many first time posters do that.

Good luck with the sale, and welcome to CF!


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interested in any trades i got lots goodies let me know what u look for see if i got or can get. i am interested in almost all u got posted here.
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