For Sale: A Sh!t load of stuff


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Well, since I have needs for multimedia editing, a bit more gaming, and overall faster desktop performance, both my Pentium D 925 and Dual-Core E2140 won't cut it. I've researched a bit, and found out that I'll upgrade my older AM2 board with an Athlon 5800 or 6400+ Black edition, if cash permits.

Now, since I'm jobless, due to school, well, the only way to obtain my needs is to sell what is taking space. Anyways, here's what I'm selling:
(Pictures will be available tommorow morning, since I am going to bed soon)

Soyo, forget model name Socket 7 + K6-2 500MHZ with ASUS P3B-F - 15

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.6GHz Orleans AM2 - 30
Pentium Dual-Core E2140 1.6GHz / 1M Shared L2 - 50

Memory / RAM
7x 64MB RAM PC66-100 - 2 a piece or 5 for all
4x 32MB RAM PC-100 - pay shipping
128MB RAM PC-100 - 5
2x256MB RAM PC-100 - 15 a piece, 25 for both
1 Infineon 512MB PC-2100 DDR266 - 10
1 OCZ 512MB RAM PC-3200 DDR400 Premier Series (Sucks that I have to let that go) - 20

Geforce 2 MX 32MB - 5
Radeon 9800XT 256MB AGP Pro (untested) - 15

Hard Drives
Some 10 giggers - 5 a piece
Quantum Fireball 8.4GB - 3
Seagate ST36421A 6.4GB - pay shipping

Some random PCTel 56k modem (new) with maybe the driver CD - pay shipping
Some Random Matrox or 3DRage cards 8MB - 5 a piece
Couple of PCI sound cards - 5 a piece
A JBOD controller with a piece of RAM in it - 10
a SCSI controller with wiring - 20

All stuff you see is mostly tested, but remains AS-IS. User pays shipping as well.
The total I calculated is $345 in total, so if you happen to drool on all of it, it's all yours for 250.

I accept money order, or if you happen to live close to me (which I don't think so), you can come pick it up. Canadian users, you can have Cash On Delivery (COD)

No Paypal...never had it to work...

40GB Maxtor
Pentium D 925 3.0GHz/2X1MB
Maxtor 30GB HDD
1GB Crucial RAM DDRII-667

Geforce 6200OC 256MB
i think you have to have pics or this post will get deleted at least that's what they did to me...
But good luck selling :)


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most people will only use paypal cuase they dont want to get riped off. it has never happened to me but i still dont like sending money in the mail. but i am sure you are trustable, just some might be turned away from that. do you have the diver disk with are the card. the agp cards to be exact. and are the cards 8X or 4X. or 8x/4x. or i guess 2X or 1x lol.


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Yeah, I know how people feel about money orders, but you shouldn't worry about it for this sale. I'm someone to trust, and I ship with a tracking, so there's no ripoff.

The 9800XT Is aGP PRo 8X, the 6200 is 8X/4X and the Geforce 2 MX is 2X...maybe 4X.

Alright, the only two things that cannot be shown is the Athlon 64 4000+ and the PEntium Dual-Core E2140, as I have them installed in a PC, and one of them, is the PC I'm currently on. So, here's the pics:

GPUs, 56k, snd cards:
Soyo Board w/ K6-2:
SCSI and JBOD controllers:
P5LD2-VM and PD 925: