[For Sale] 5 Unique Identities


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To Web Host Owners and Individuals,
These are 5 logo's which were rejected contest entries which I have no use for. You may have seen a couple of them before, but I still haven't been able to sell them.

Once purchased you gain exclusive rights to them, you may do as you please (resell on a template site or include with a template you've made). Any logo that has been sold will only be sold to that 1 person. I value the importance of a unique logo. When logos have been sold I will remove the listing from this post.

All of the logo's were produced in Adobe Illustrator, they are all vector format (.ai) you can resize them to however large or small you need them. Want to use your identity on a large poster or on large print? You can easily resize and replicate the logo without loss of quality.

Name your budget and we can negotiate. For extra reference, these logos were submitted to contests ranging from $60-$120.

Payment method: Paypal
Contact: Preferred PM but you may use the following methods if necessary:

e-mail: paid2surf@mailarge.com

Presiding Company
Negative space effect which resembles a "P." Identity for any company or individual whose trademark begins with a "P."

Astro Company
An "A" with a shooting star like symbol within. Identity for any company or individual whose trademark begins with an "A."

Toronto Company
Cartoonish sketch of the CN tower which has captured a Maple Leaf. Identity optimal for use with a Toronto or Canadian-based company.

Your Company
Another identity representing a company or individual beginning with the letter "P."

Tree Lounge
Alphagram logo which takes form of a T and L simultaneously. Identity for effective use with a company or indvidual whose initials are "T.L." or "L.T."

I thank you for your time checking this offer.


Damn, paidtosurf using CF as ebay/free advertising is getting a bit much, I mean, there's selling a few odd bits and running a busniess................