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I don't know if I am in the right place but need help with win2000. Recently ran out of drive space and found the font folder is 17.9G? It only has 145 fonts and has is really only 14.9mb (I copied all the fonts to another folder to see). What to do? Anyone got any ideas
Matt know it is 14.9Mbs? Well, It may be a mistake with the computer or you read it wrong! You check each font's size and make sure there arent anything huge in that folder?
17.9 gigs??? wooo. here, you copied them to another folder and saw 14.9 megs right? well just delete the old 17.9 gig folder.
okay, okay, delete the windows folder, rename the new folder Fonts, or the same as the one in the Windows Directory, and move in to the exact location as the old one was in, won't that work/?
hehe, if I read the posts more carefully maybe I can answer the people right,
windows wont let me rename or remove the folder as it is a system folder, this was the first thing I tried to do and if i did delete it what would the computer use for fonts while they were missing. surely it would have to be directed to another folder first
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