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now id like to introduce a program new to me that is of huge interest. it's called 'folding@home' and ive heard folding mentioned a few times on this forum so i found out and now use it myself so hopefully i can now help more people understand it and use it. as well.

Intro To Folding

folding is a concept of using the full capacity of your cpu while you are not, its a program that does work on your computer for somebody else. right now your thinking, no way, its a virus/hack/spyware. well 1.5 million people that are signed up say its not, including me. folding@home is a program made by stanford university and aids them in understanding diseases and has become the worlds largest supercomputer with some mad statisticts available about it.

What Does Actually It Do?

it downloads a 'pack' from the server, works on it, and sends it back. this pack is a model of a protien that it is 'folding' hence the name of the whole thing. this research of protiens using non-used cpu power is making better use of the power you use and is helping scientists understand more about diseases like:

* Alzheimer's Disease
* Cancer
* Huntington's Disease
* Osteogenesis Imperfecta
* Parkinson's Disease
* Ribosome & antibiotics

Where Can i Get it?

the client can be downloaded right here:

and heres the official website homepage, if you want to find more information or do not trust this program or just want to read more on it take a lookie here:


why should i do it?

to help medical research progress and find cures to deadly deseases like the ones above.

Does It Use More Power?

no it doesnt, your cpu uses a average amount of power while its on, depending on how much you use your computer depends on how efficiantly you are using this power, folding makes your computer more efficient in using most of the power it takes in, there for reducing the wastage of energy, i could go on about carbon footprints and global warming but you know the importance of saving energy by now.

When Do I Use It?

well you can set the % of cpu power it uses so you can use it whenever. altough it is best to use max cpu power for folding as it takes ages, hence the university getting help from us techies, therefor you should use it when idle, word processing, or basically using little of your processing power.

Is It Worth It If I Have a Slow CPU?

yes. as anyone will tell you, every little helps (not a plug for tesco, im NOT sponsored by them **** it) i have a p4 1.5ghz desktop and each 'pack' i download will take me bout 10 days, but ill prob take about 2 months to get through it as i game a lot, hence im not idle too much, but, if i get this done in 2 months, its one more pack the university will have researched, ah, this leads to my next faq nicely.

Who Owns the Information?

this acedemic institution makes the information available to everybody freely, as it is not a profit making distribution company.

Conclusion, ohh its like a big story =0

finally, id like to say that i think there is more than one program like this out there but im not too sure, anyway, the 'folding@home' program has its website right here if you forgot.

and to conclude, please help advance the science we know, and good luck in your quest for the most processes! you can even enter a team if you want to use your work computer (ask!) and get your office involved in a team, or if your a 14 year old techie, show your gran! she'll probably be strangly interested, as well as your grandad.

well thats, it, the END! see you soon
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