Folding Update

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Thanks to everyone who is participating. We are now #751 in the world as a team. We are steadily increasing.

Everyone should remember that the more computers you install it on the better, and that you can use the same username and team # on all of them.

Congratulations to Paradox on hitting 100 WU's!!! Keep up the good work!!
WOW! We are steadily climing, at 730th now! We need more CPU's and members! Keep em coming folks!
Thanks guys! I'll be able to contribute even more computing power within the next couple of weeks as I'm getting a brand new P4 2.6ghz that'll be overclocked to 3ghz+ the moment it's set up :D
Paradox, you just ousted me out of 1st place! I have to get more CPU's running! Grats man!
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