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I have been into distributed computing for some time now and I believe this one is really going to make a difference.

Basically, It uses YOUR spare CPU time to try and simulate the folding of protiens in the human body. This is the proccess that basically lets us adapt to different things. You can check out the scientific rundown here:

I would encourage all of you to download the client and run it on your machines. It WILL NOT slow down your system at all. It utilizes all free CPU resources and backs off when an application requests more power. You can download teh client here:

If you all dont feel like going through teh trouble of creating your own account, when it asks for your information, feel free to use mine:

Username: Ecniv
Team # 10763

Id be happy to get the extra work units on my score! ;)

Just remember its for a good cause, with your help, this could lead to the discovery of cures for innumerable diseases as well as other scientific breakthroughs. Lemme know if any of you download it.
I ran seti for awhile, but chose to try a program that had some chance at having an actual impact on science. The seti program is actually only checking about 1% of the area of sky that could be where we might find something. not to mention its only radio signals, the chance of aliens still using radio is kinda slim to me.
I currently fold for team 64 - since we have set up a user name for members who are American. The other groups have their individual user names as well, and can't forget those who fold individually.

I find Folding@Home to have a greater potential of accomplishment than SETI, but that's just IMO. :)
Hey Geforce, what is your folding username? Id like to check out your stats.
Wow, you guys are in 4th place! You should join an underdog team now! lol, they have plenty of members, we need more! ;)
€cniv said:
Hey Geforce, what is your folding username? Id like to check out your stats.

Us American members fold under the username 'United_We_Rage.'.. obviously, by looking at the stats, there's way more than 2 people folding under that name. :D
Ahh, I see, Why is every one folding under the same username? Isnt it more fun to keep track of your individual stats?
I downloaded it, but their programming department messed up. They set the Linux program to .exe. Linux doesn't use .exe files. They set the apple to .tar.gz. That's what i need. I don't spend much time online with my cable modem on windows, kinda like i don't leave my car windows down at night. hehehe. (I know, cheapshot!)
lol, linux does too use exe files.

do this,

chmod +x FAH3Console-Linux.exe

it should run and ask you for the user name and team name.

Then you can set up a startup script to start it automatically when your machine boots up.
damn, i guess that i never thought of using .exe's in Linux, so i never really learned about that...opps, my bad....

Damnit now i look like a retard. :mad:
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