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Ok, I have created a F@H team for us here! I wish everyone would join and put in 12864 for the team #. Thats the Tech-Forums team! As soon as the first result is done for the team, We will have a special webpage on where we can check stats, ranking, etc.

I am still on the Team, but will be switching over to ours soon. I just feel like a much more active member of these boards. I hope this gives EVERYONE a reason to download the client. Heres a link:

If you are running NT, 2k, or XP you can download the command line client and install it as a service with this program:

Be sure to run the command line client in whatever directory your gonna have it in at least once first so you can put in the user name and team name, before installing it as a service.

If your unsure what im talking about then just download the graphical client, thats much easier.

Happy Folding!!!
hey, by the way, i dont know how good you are with photo and pic editing, but if you wanna make a picture roughly the same dementions as the one in my sig, i can make upload it to my site and we'll get you a counter when you return a result for the team. Just be sure to make it so the text contrasts well. This is the text color we have to use. We can only have one text color for EVERYONE's counter. I could change the color, but it has to be the same for everyone.
So, is your score / work units and rank, all automatically updated in the picture, or do you have to change it manuallY?
It will all be automatically updated, it uses a PHP script to update from the stats page at
ok, maybe when i get back from lunch i'm gonna have to whip something up...

be back shortly...
hmm, when I use a high color pic it gets distorted, i think it limits it. Need to find out what the color limit is. Ill get back to ya.
Every time I run F@H on my laptop, i close the program and the fan just keeps blowin, full speed. Maybe i'll just load up my desktop and run the folding progam on that...It's a slow 350 PII, but it works...
You may have to stop the service. Make sure its stopped, then check the fan. What OS?
has anyone returned a WU for the team yet? It doesnt show up on the stats page at stanford yet.
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