Folder protect W2000 Pro Worskstation

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I want that when somebody will log on to my computer when I'm not there with it's own User and Pass, to be prompted for its own ID when he's trying to access for example the folder D:\games or or file c:\word.exe or even the entire drive D: that I denied access for (Write, Read, Execute etc.).
I want something like in Windows XP: you're prompted for User/Pass and after logging , if you have proper rights you can access D: or start Word.exe, otherwise you receive a NICE message : " You don't have rights to do that or that..."
you certainly can, if I understand your question correctly.

logged in as the administrator, right click on the desired file, folder, or drive that you wish to restrict access to. now, click on the tab labeled 'security'. from here you can set user specific permissions for everything.
control panel,
administrative tools
add users and computers
setup that persons account
then set the permisisons of what they can access.
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