Floppy drive at startup

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Don Fudleone

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another startup problem

when i have booted into windows and all progs have loaded - including system tray, the floppy drive looks for a disk. i have yet to single out the process that does it. can anybody advise?

i am running win98se if it helps

Don Fudleone
I think that it is just something that the BIOS does. I notice that you are running an older PC and some of the older boards are just... well, weird.

I will do some more hunting though. Do you know what type of MoBo it is?
courtesy of Belarc Advisor - i can deduce that my motherboard is:
PB NEC Intel 440BX (PB i should think stands for Packard Bell because that my PC brand)

if you need any more details - i have a full system profile. - software nowadays......

Don Fud
Consider this,,

On occassion, when you have been working with a file and save to floppy, but remove the floppy prior to the save being completed and then shut down the machine, upon reboot, and system start, the PC will look to open your profile as it "last recognized" it,,

the PC could just be looking for a document that you may have had open, or been saving to the floppy,,

just a thought,,,
Another thought, I used to get befuddled by a bunch of computers that insisted on looking for a floppy disk every time I shut down. After some sleuth work, I found that it was the anti-virus scanning floppies at shutdown. The same setting exists in many anti-virus programs for checking on startup... perhaps look into that.
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