Floppy Disk


Daemon Poster
I denno what's happening.

i never use floppy disks and this is the 1st time that i'm installing a floppy drive.

I put the connector into the drive and connected it to the mobo. I put the twisted side into the floppy like my mobo manual told me to. I then attached the power to the drive.

I found that the end of the connectors go into the drive or mobo if upside down. Does it matter which way you connect the ribbon?

I'm really confused.

Cause i connected everything and the drive doesn't come up in my computer. Are there drivers that I have to install for it???

I don't know why windows xp isn't recognizing it. It's confusing me..


yeh theres a special way to fix it all in, just fiddles with the ways, thats what i do lol