floppy disk(s) fail (80) error during post BUT WIERD


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i just installed a brand new Mach Speed P4M800 motherboard. I installed windows XP Pro. XP boots perfectly. Everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT,

during POST i get this error:

floppy disk(s) fail (80)

But I ONLY get that error when there is a network cable connected to the onboard LAN port. When the network cable is disconnected the error doesn't appear and the floppy drive works great. I have tried a combination of known good floppy drives and cables. I have also piddled with any BIOS settings concerning onboard LAN that I could find. I emailed tech support for this motherboard and am awaiting a response.

Anyone have any ideas?




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That error is normally caused by 1) a faulty floppy drive 2) the floppy drive cable is on the wrong way around 3) the power cable isn't fitted correctly or not at all 4) last and hopefully not the problem is that the floppy drive controller on the motherboard is faulty.



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Try Enabliling all the Floppy options and all the Lan options. Also set to boot Floppy/CD/HD/LAN in that oder.

Also Try like Bull Dog said.

The Little arrow on the IDE cable is pin 1, pin one to pin one, pin one is 1st pin to the left.

There should be a large notch on the IDE Cable also, that should go in the gap provided.

Also there is only 1 way the poer cable should go in, if its in the wroing way you will very quickly know about it as my dad did this once and quite literly blow my LS-120 up. If I hadent of come down coz of the smell it would of soon burst into flames as there was about a 1 meter high ploom of smelly smock comeing from it. It also made a nast nosie.