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I have Windows 98 installed on my machine and tweaked some of its options...after that every time I restart the floppy drive is checked for any media...it also checks for media when the windows explorer or my computer is opened first time...I have checked the setiing in System properties>performance...it is not selected...is there any other setting which can cause this?
No I checked for seek floppy and it is diabled ...it doesn't check during boot as I said it does when the machine is booted into Windows...during startup(nothing in the startup..unchecked everything from msconfig)...and when the my computer is opened first time after boot...

I used X-Teq Systems 5.7
I did the reg undo option in the xteq systems but it did not work...maybe the problem is somewhere else..guess I got to reinstall Windows again ..doesn't take much time though ...it is better than figuring out a solution for every problem..

Thanks for the help...
... if you know the solution it only takes less than a minute :)

how about checking your anti-virus software?
I had checked everything ...as I told verything from the msconfig was removed...when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del only Explorer was seen..

Anyway I have reinstalled and dont have the problem noe...but if anyone figured out what caused the problem then please let me know...

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