flash drive resident antimalware app?

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Sorry, I accidentally posted this before in the Windows & software forum. This is where it belongs.

A while back someone suggested having, as part of your antimalware arsenal, some app that could be installed on a flash drive which could supposedly detect any spyware / malware on whatever computer the flash drive was plugged into. (I think the app was DOS-based, and it could work even if the system was severely compromised, although I'm not sure about those two points.) Could anybody tell me about this app? And would it detect a key logger?
sorry for posting here i dont have anything to add BUT something very simliar to ask.. so kill 2 ? in 1 thread

i started my comp this morning and apperantly got a bad virus or sometype of malware.

could boot into reg windows. but couldnt click or do anything. and once it just shut down.

can boot into safe mode.

SOO.. kinda whats the basic protocall to remove a virus/malware at this point?

Currently i am running an updated malwarebytes scan in safe mode from a Flash Drive

is that a good? what else should i attempt? If scan comes up empty any other options?

Windows xp-32.
okay thanks. the malwarebytes scan came up with nothing.

I have never used combo fix before. but have heard alot about it on this site. so ill go do that now

well i started combofix in safe mode because thats all i can really get into right now.

it said it to turn off my AVG. so i tried. it didnt work.
then i tried to uninstall AVG from safe mode and that did not work. said what the error was. i believe in the registry. cant remember exactly what it says though. but had the words windows NT in it which i thought was wierd.

i can get boot to reg windows.

but is slow. and when ever i scoll over an icon or the start menu i get the hour-glass icon on the pointer. and clicks wont do anytihng. also cannot pull up task manager

now just looking for any help. lol please.

__edit 2_

okay idk why but i can get into regular windows now.

currently running malwarebytes scan. already ran combofix. then will throw a highjackthis scan.
will post logs in log sections.


boblewiston - i believe its ComboFix?
Like Osiris suggested. although you maybe talking about something completely diff. in that case sry couldnt help.
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