flash drive not showing up ...nothing


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hey guys i have a flash drive with some quite important stuff on it, the problem is it just doesnt show up when i plug it in, a few times when i plugged it in when it was working i would get a message saying it needed scanning but never did it in case i lost the info, then one day it just didnt appear when i put it in, is there any way to get it working again please.


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Have you tried it in another computer? Flash drives are not a very good way to save important data as they break or die quite often. Try it on another computer and if it does not work there then it's the flash drive that died and there is no easy or cheap way to retreive the data.

If it does work on the other computer, save everything to a cd/dvd or another flash drive and then we can troubleshoot why your computer isn't recoginizing it.