Flash and Java help


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I have everything installed on my new computer and when I whent to you tube to watch a video it told me.
You may have an Old verson of Flas or Java turned off.
Please download the new Flash.

I was under the ADMIN account so I clicked it and installed Flas and everything is good.

But when I Logon to my Limited account and go to Yout tube I get the same thing.
You may have an older Flas or Java turned off
So i click to get the new Flash just like I did on the ADMIN account and it goes to the Flash web site and I clik on Install Flash and nothing a window comes up telling me about it but no download???

Now if I have Flash installed on my ADMIN account should it not go to every account and let them Play videos and let it work?
And if not how can I fix this????


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You meen I may have to Enable it on the Broswer in the Limited account even if it is enabled in the ADMIN account broswer???


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the link you gave me is to the same place i already got my flash player and installed it on my ADIM account I cant install it on the limited account. Please help


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is the limited account set to private? i believe if its set to private then you have to install it seperatly. just get that on the limited then right click it and run as administrator then sign in real quik and install it


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OK I have my ADMIN and Limited Account set to Adminastrative Rights.

And I had 2. types of Java in my Ad Remove Programs List and I just Un Installed them both.
And I also Un Installed Flah Player.

Now I did however try to install Flash Player again and the dropdown Bar comes up and say Click Here To Install Fo All Users.

So I click it and it says to me Install and I click it and it looks like it is Installing it and it says when it is installed you will be re directed.

But I never am.

So this is what I would like.

Can someone give me a Direct Link to the Flash Player File and to the Java File??

OK I just got the newest Verson of Java Script and installed it.

Now I think I know what my prablem is my Jva Script may be Desabled.

So I go to Tools.....Secureity.........Imake sure Internet is Highlighted.
I then go down to Custom Setting.........Now in this list I hould see Enable Java Scriplets but it does not say Scritting.

This is the only thing I see Please help

OK to help everyone who is helping me I got to the Adobe main page and clicked on I Agree and Install tab.

And it says this may install the Adobe Mannager to seemlisly install the softwere.

I click and then the Bar comes down from the Browe that says
insall this for all useres.

I click it and then a window comes up that says do you want to install I click install.

The Dot go across the screen and it looks like it is installing.
Then the window that shows the instalation prograss goes away.

And nothing.

So I give it say a fue min but nothing.

Now if I go into my Ad Remopve programs list Adobe Mannager is there.???????????????????????????

I have an Update to post

I was off when I go into Tools....then Internet.....I click on Custom Level at the bottum.

I just see Scriplets nothing that sys Java it just says Enable Scriplets.

And all of my Active X Controls are set to Enable.

But I go up and don the screen and I see nothing for Java?????????

If I go to Tools and then Options and instead of clicking the Internet Tab I click Advanced Tab I go down this list and I see Java Run and it has a check marck and it says ON.

And I tryed again to download Flash and still the same thing just the Adobe Mannager installs.

Please help

OK I have Active X and Java both turned on and Enabled.

And I still can't Install Adobe Flash Player can some give a Link to the File it'self??