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I had problem with windows XP a few months ago,..actually almost a year ago. It wouldn't boot. What I did to fix the problem was to fix the MBR. and it booted up..

here's my main question,...I can't recall what I used to get this "fix mbr" option. so please help me recall..

do you use the xp start-up disk, you use the XP bootable installation cd, or just press F8 before windows boots up to get to the boot option menu and start from there??:confused:
if you can boot to a prompt type this:

C:\>fdisk /MBR

That should fix your MBR
Yea, I usually just hit F8 and choose, command prompt only.

Then you can use fix /mbr
oh,..ok, I remember. thanks...i was just to lazy to figure it out myself. thanks again!
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