First time user Mechanical Noise after cleaning


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1 a few days ago, I cleaned out my computer with some compressed air, being sure to blow out the dust around my power supply, and on my CPU fan. I also used a vaccum extension to suck out some of the dust on the guard of my case fan.

So, I put the case back on, and start up the computer. Ahhh...nice and quiet. I put my ear up to the case fan, and I hear some kind of a ticking noise. Fearing for my computers life, I remove the side of the case, and listen to the case fan. Good, its coming from there.

Next, I replaced the side of the case, and started my weekly norton virus scan. After a minute of two, I put my ear up to the case fan again, and I heard some type of a mechanical sound that had been absent before. I remove my case side again, and listen to the inside of the computer. I can hear it, but I was not able to exactly pinpoint the location. It seemed to be coming from the power supply, but when I was trying to back-up that thought, the CPU fan started spinning very fast. Fearing that I would mess up my computer, I reapplyed the side to the case. The CPU fan slowed down, to normal speeds. But now, the mechanical sound(sounded like something motorized struggling to move, but it was intermittent. Like it would start for 1.5 seconds, then stop for .5, then start for 1.5 seconds...etc.) was gone. I havent heard it come back yet.

Do you think something may have been blockinf the CPU fan, not allowing it to move, or do you think that this is my power supply? I was thinking of opening my case again to see it if came back, but that sudden spinning of the fan kinda freaked me out...

Do you have any advice? Thanks


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umm might be some wires stopping you cpu fan going round then wen u remove the side panel the cpu fan starts ???? not very likey coz ur computer wud prob shut it self down if the cpu fan wasnt workins so ...

in most of my experiences weird noises have always bin coming from my hard drive ud be surprised how many weird sounds u can get from a hard disk