First time gaming computer building


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Hello i am trying to compile some stuff together to make myself a gaming computer able to run modern games (ie skyrim) on medium graphics and mmos ( Guild wars 2) on mid-high high, SMOOTHLY. The bad thing is im on a budget

I am thinking about starting with this barebones build from tigerdirect

ECS MCP61M-M3 Corsair Barebones Kit - ECS MCP61M-M3 Motherboard, AMD Athlon II X3 455 CPU, Corsair 4GB DDR3 RAM, OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD, 24x DVDRW, DiabloTek Mid Tower Case, DiabloTek 500W Power Supply

I was thinking about coupling that with this graphic card
Galaxy 43GGS8HX3SPZ GeForce GT 430 Video Card - 1024MB, GDDR3, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), 1x Dual-Link DVI-I, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, DirectX 11, Single-Slot

What do you think? should this build meet my usage requirements or will these parts even work togather. Plus ill have to get a bigger hard drive of course lol 60gbs is just ugh but i don't have to have it right off the bat. Thanks for looking and commenting!


I think most people would agree, you must be new to computers if you don't agree.. a 60gb ssd is fast.. but really.. why waste all the money on a ssd 60gb harddrive when you will run into these errors:

Skyrim game size is massive, this will take a massive chunk.. also windows vista/7 are both 15-16gb space required.. and you also mention other games.. I think personally you are wasting so much on a harddrive, I mean why waste all that on a ssd 60gb and a low (really low) end graphics card, be smart, invest in a better graphics card and just a normal sata 3gb data transfer/7200rpm harddrive just like most people would, and you won't even notice a whole lot anyway since you game.. that's from the harddrives point of view.

Invest in something like 500gb harddrive and a graphics card


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Hey, I just built my own gamming computer. I have a 60gb corsair ssd as my only hard drive. I have about 17.5 Gb left after win 7 64bit, battlefield 3, and minecraft w/ a server, and drivers and what not, with a few misc programs. i am currently looking for anouther ssd. Not to brag, but, THIS THING IS FAST!!! i don't think you should have a problem with your hard drive as long as you dont have like 100,000 songs and like 10 movies... if you do... then just go for a mechanical hd...

hope that helps :)

yea um i didn't see the budget part... deff get a mechanical hd... lol yea.. deff get a better graphics card... i built mine on a huge budget... 2500k ati 6950 1gb 8gb 1600 ripjaws
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