First Time Builder Needs Opinions

Call me old fashioned if you like. I bought my parts because of researches and reviews and I like to think I got good stuff. :)

I even got a Xigmatek Gigas cube case because it was $80 off, not because I'm an extreme gamer. :D
I wasn't saying I don't research. I am in this stuff day in and day out that it's second nature. All prices, benches, performance, and categories are embedded into my head that I only have to go to Newegg for part links. When somebody gives me a price and a purpose I already know what I'm going to link within a few seconds. The only thing I may change is if Newegg has a deal on a part and use that instead.



Blasphemy, how is it dead? Many console gamers have said the same about PC being dead. Think it is just a matter of view or point of view is all. =]
Console gaming isn't dead, but PC is going to be lead platform next gen. Several devs have already said since the next gen consoles will be x86 in nature that it makes sense to develop for the superior platform when it's easy to port over to the consoles.

Because of this, PC gaming is by far dead. PC gaming has never been close to dead.
When I was using my AMD X2 3800 system which I had since 2007 I wasn't keeping up with technology. I used to eat and sleep computers but since then I went into other interests like guitars and guns. I quit fixing/building computers.

When I built my Celeron system last Nov I had to catch up on technology. A lot had changed then. As I learned more I replaced everything in my Celeron system and have a whole new i3-2105 system with better parts. I've thought of selling the Celeron system but it has some pretty good parts in it that I'd keep it for backup. I used it to experiment with Linux.

I can tell you know your stuff and you might find this interesting, my Celeron is running on an Asrock H61M-DGS with 2x2 Gskill 1600s. :)
The SB and IB Celery chips aren't that bad honestly. They aren't Core i, but still a 40 dollar IB Celery is damn good for the price.

Edit: I have an 8800GTX on the way for my nostalgia rig which has an X2 3800+ in it.
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I used to hate Celerons and rather use Durons instead which were pretty good budget CPUs then. Before I built my Celeron G540 system I asked around about a budget build. They told me get a SB Celeron and I said Celeron ?? Bah! LOL.

They said it ain't like the old days trust me, it's lot better than your X2 3800 so I said oookay. Needless to say that $50 CPU surprised me and that it has graphics built in. That was pretty good.
Yea that's because old Celerons and Pentiums were based off the old Netburst architecture. The newer ones are based off the SB silicon which is much better than even C2D. I would take a Pentium 2020 over a C2D E8400.
That's why I have an Intel system now, two in fact. I was all AMD before then. Well, after Cyrix. :)
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