First time builder (is my plan good?)

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:) HI,

I'm building my first system. I have decided on some parts, and so far all I have bought is the mother board. What do you guys think about it? Should I keep thins the way they are or should I change some thing? Here is the current setup plan:

Case: ATX Full tower
Mobo: ASUS A7V-333 (no raid)
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1800Mhz
HD: Maxtor 80G 7200rpm (liquid bearing, IDE interface)
RAM: DIMM DDR 333mhz PC2700 (256/512mb)
Video: ASUS GeForce-4 ti4200 (64mb)
Sound: Onboard and also Hercules Game Teather XP 6.1
IDE Controller card with RAID
56k PCI Modem
Standard 10/100 Net Card do you think all these things work well together, or should I expect any compatibility conflicts or any performance lags? Should I get different parts instead?


Please help,
looks pretty good to me, i dont think you should have any problems.
i wouldnt bother with SCSI, a good raid setup should be good enough, SCSI drives r fast but the r also pretty expensive.
How much is that Graphics card running you? If you're using this system for gaming purposes you might want to consider getting a better graphics card( I have had BAD experiences with ATI:( )
Dont get a Xeon. The Athlon Chip you are talking about is the 2800+ correct? You should upgrade from PC2700 to PC3200. Other than that looks good.
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