first computer build, need help


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i have decided to build a computer to save my mom some money. but i need help on which mobo, pcu, video card, etc. to go with. i want it for mostly gaming so i know AMD is better any suggestions on which parts to buy would be nice
Definitely good graphics card. I would recommend a athlon 64 bit CPU for gaming. socket 939 if you plan on upgrading. and a hard much space do you use?
Well yeah, if he uses that much hard drive space. I myself only use about 50GB so I only got an 80GB Hard drive.

Hitachi hard drives are for speed, Samsung for silent and reliable.

You only need the sound if you don't want integrated sound which is fine.

6600GT Would work fine for a gamer like yourself.

1GB RAM, I would get 2 512 sticks and put them in Dual channel, definitely DDR 400.

With the 3200+ You should if you are a gamer AND if you plan to OC which I wouldn't recommend then you should get it OEM and get a different heatsink like one from Zalman or Cooler Master. Also remember good thermal paste like some fro arctic silver!

MSI is a good motherboard manufacturer and that motherboard isn't bad. I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra Socket 939 and It works great, then again I don't game. I would recommend the Abit AV8 3RD EYE for you as ABIT is a great manufacturer as well as MSI.

Exile2....your from new york....which part?


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I'd get the full 1 GB stick of ram. I bet in 4 or 5 years you'll be wanting to go to 3 GB and have all 4 slots full of 2 GB.
Well, in 4 or 5 years he can wait. Dual channel is great and plus 2x512 sticks look cooler :p not that it matters unless you have a case window like me.