First Build: Upgrade Bios/Drivers?


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When I put together my computer (should get parts saturday) is it nessecary that i upgrade the motherboard bios, or should it come preloaded with the latest? Also, how often do you update bios and drivers, whenever there is a new version? I'll be using the asus SLi Premium board (939, nForce) with an AMD Athlon X2 3800+


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if you want the latest BIOS and drivers you will have to install them after you are done building. They will not be up to date. Drivers are definitely recommended for upgrading but the BIOS is not a huge priority although I suggest you update them as well. Also check for chipset drivers before flashing a new BIOS especially with ASUS boards because I know there was an issue with the chipset that required an update before you update the BIOS.


Basically you should check the bios release notes to see if any of the updates are applicable to your situation, I haven't installed the two latest bios upgrades for my board as none of the new features are applicable, you may find that there are some issues that have been resolved for your bios in releases since your board was assembled, then it would be best to flash it, with an nForce board the latest chipset drivers are a must (as far as I can see from reading others posts) so I would definately look at those.

Video card drivers, for me, are a once a week check, but then i'm an IQ junkie and run mostly beta video card drivers anyway :)