Firewire issue


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I have an issue with a firewire/usb adapter PCI card. I installed it on XP SP1 and then I installed my digital camera software and driver. After a couple of days the camera could not be "found" by the camera application. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling to no avail. I took out the card, did a clean install on another computer after installing all windows updates including sp2. Windows would see the card and install the OHCI compliant driver but the camera could not be seen. All the while the USB ports always work on both computers. Then I borrowed a friend's laptop which has a firewire port. It had the driver for the port already installed, so I installed the camera's application software (which also contains the driver for the camera). The laptop immediately picked up the camera and I could transfer pics. When I looked at the driver it was Texas Instruments OHCI driver published by MS with the same date as on the other 2 computers. The laptop does not even have sp1 installed. I know at MS's website sp1 and sp2 can cause issues with firewire but none of the quick fixes worked. Also the chip on the add-on card is ali's m5271. I looked this up and people were saying to install a fix called integrated207.exe which worked for them. Still no help. Anyone have any ideas? Or do I just need to buy a new card? Also is there a way to uninstall sp1 when it is part of the windows install disk?